Modern Access Control Made Simple.

Access Control for the Modern Workplace

At Unity, we believe top-notch security and surveillance should feel seamless like it was built around you and your unique space. That’s why we designed a comprehensive range of customizable intelligent controls, that integrate directly with the Unity VMS Platform.


Our innovative and secure Access Control solutions are widely used across Large Enterprise, Casinos, Office Buildings, Detention Centers, and Public or Federal Buildings. 


Whether you need to support access rights to different people at different doors, or multi-configuration for anti-passback, multi-card access, and management approval for access, Unity Surveillance has the tools you need for total physical security. 

We grow with you, not against you.
Our Scale-Up architecture allows you to start small with as little as one door.  As you grow, simply add devices and controllers to gain new features and access.  Do away with the headaches and painful installations.  We make access control simple.
Effortless Video Integration
Never lose sight of what is happening
When paired with Unity StreamView VMS, Integration of High-Definition video is effortless.  Create customized alerts, pop-up events, view live events and search history.  All within a few clicks within ONE application.
Advanced notifications customized to fit your exact needs.  No more cluttered dashboards and useless information that can confuse operators and cause real alarms to go un-noticed.  Get history reports all in one place within seconds.

Security is more than just surveillance; it’s looking ahead

Available Controllers

Let's face it.  Most Access Control Systems on the market today lack innovation and a back-end programming interface that is up to date with today's technology standards.  Unity Surveillance built its access control system from the ground up using only the latest programming techniques available today.  True performance always depends on the architecture on which it's built.  That's why Unity developed its underlying CORE Framework to support seamless upgrades so that when new features and functionality are rolled out, you can take advantage of them immediately without struggling with firmware updates to multiple controllers.  Unity's Access Control Solution allows you to easily expand and link controllers together through Unity's Core Framework Applications.  This allows you to scale as you grow and maximize your return on investment sooner than later.  

2 Door - 2 Way

Din Rail Mounted

4 Door - 1 Way

Din Rail Mounted

4 Door - 2 Way

Secure Key-box Panel

8 Door - 1 Way

Secure Key-box Panel

Modern Design.  Simple Installation.

A modern design with a simple approach, look great and don't break.  When designing Unity's Access Control Readers, we stepped outside of the box and created slim, LED backlit readers with heat sensitive touch buttons that not only look great when installed, but are built tough to withstand daily in demanding environments.  Unity's Access Control Readers support Wiegand 34/26-Bit and RS-485 Read Interfaces.  Take a look for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.