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Casino-X AI Business Intelligence

Let the players do the gambling.

Using AI to Improve Casino Security and Player Experiences

In a technology-driven era, we believe that Security and Player Experience Management (SPEM) efforts should be automated as much as possible. Unity Surveillance allows you to make actionable insights with player data in order to respond to unwanted and prized guests alike. Easily aggregate all of your data involving players and staff on one centralized platform. 

Our software is designed so that you can easily transfer player information from a variety of databases that you may already be familiar with.  By choosing Unity Surveillance, you will possess the ability to catalog player profiles, create real-time alerts for key players, and analyze floor trends to maximize profits, increase operator efficiency and improve day-to-day operations as a whole.

Our business intelligence features make it easy for stakeholders to derive strategic insights from big picture operations and individual player/business activities.

People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

People Counting.png

KPI’s are vital to any casino’s direction and growth. But even during your calmest hours, it can be a time-consuming task to keep track of how many players are present at once, or better yet, over time… We take care of both.


With 98% accuracy when it comes to monitoring players entering and exiting, our reliable system enables you to easily view live occupancy stats, establish alerts for when casino occupancy reaches a certain threshold, and track total player visitations over any desired period of time.


No more time spent counting heads, and no more time spent on data entry. 

In-Area Counting: Expanding Your KPIs

Don’t gamble your marketing dollars. Gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotional offers by supplementing big picture analysis with quantitative insights from player activity.  Our In-Area Counting feature allows you to track player visitations within any selected area(s) of your casino, such as a particular table game. Address overcrowding in key locations and measure growth over time through real-time alerts and periodic reports.


With just a few clicks, real-time statistics regarding total occupancy and in-area activity can be accessed via the Streamview software application. By automating the process of analyzing and archiving player visitations, you can ensure that staff is optimizing their time spent on the floor, while effortlessly managing valuable data for improved decision-making.



Queue Counting: Improving Wait Times

Queue Counting.jpg

There’s only one thing more valuable than money: time. For the player who’s been anticipating their visit for days, weeks, or months, the last thing they want to feel is as if their time isn’t valued.


With customized queue alerts, you’re able to enhance day-to-day operations by optimizing staff deployment, improving response times, and delivering consistent player experiences that drive retention and positive brand perceptions.


Never miss an opportunity to make your customers feel as though their time is valued, even during unexpected spikes in queue times.

Heat Mapping: Visualizing Floor Trends

How do you know if your casino floor is maximized for profitability? Or if your staff is stationed optimally across the floor? Our Heat Mapping feature allows you to discover trends to increase gaming revenue and improve player experiences by identifying key areas of focus within your casino. 


Use the Heat Map feature in order to understand how players cluster at different times within your casino. Test different floor designs, and visualize the impacts on player movements and spending patterns.

heat map.jpeg

Point of Sale Integration: Revenue Maximization Through Theft Prevention


With countless transactions taking place around your casino, human error and internal theft gone undetected can result in significant loss of revenue over time. That’s why we make it easy for you to simultaneously monitor all registers and other POS terminals by setting thresholds for suspicious, non-standard activity. This allows surveillance operators to prioritize and investigate potential misconduct as it occurs, with individual transaction data and relevant footage available side-by-side. 

We all make mistakes, but in a large-scale environment, these mistakes can be costly. That’s why our system ensures that these mistakes never go undetected by automatically flagging and archiving suspicious activity for review. Most importantly, we guarantee full compatibility with whichever POS system you currently use.

Best of all, we offer our intelligent technology, flexible platform, and intuitive software for one single price. No monthly subscription, no additional fees.
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