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Face-X Advanced Facial Recognition

Using AI to Improve Casino Security and Player Experiences

Unifying Casino Security and Player Experiences


How do you manage thousands of players with differing expectations, preferences, and intentions? We believe that the answer lies at the front door.

A high-valued player enters. Within a split second, Unity’s Face-X Software confirms the individual’s identity, prompting an alert to be sent to both the casino host and the floor staff who are stationed at his/her favorite table game. Meanwhile, an individual recently identified as a person of interest by state law enforcement pulls into the parking lot. Before they even reach the door, security officers are notified of their presence, while surveillance operators are on the phone with local authorities.


These scenarios only skim the surface of the capabilities you will possess when choosing Unity Surveillance. In a technology-driven era, we believe that Security and Player Experience Management (SPEM) efforts should be automated as much as possible.  Unity Surveillance allows you to make actionable insights with player data in order to respond to unwanted and prized guests alike. Easily aggregate all of your data involving players and staff on one centralized platform.

Natively Integrated

Why settle for part of a solution when you can have Unity's Player Experience Management solution natively integrated into Unity's CORE Video and Incident Management Software. Unity CORE is a true enterprise end to end solution that allows you to take advantage of all features natively integrated into one software suite which lowers over all cost, does not require ongoing subscription fees, and gives operators complete control over the entire Video Management Solution without opening multiple windows to utilize web based applications.

FACE-X Benefits 

  • Detect Unwanted Guests such as Self-Excluded players, Known Cheats, Prior Arrests,  and more.  

  • Detect VIP members and personalize their experience 

  • Add layer of protection for guests and employees 

  • Operate within a Closed Circuit Environment - No internet required

  • No Kiosks - Use cameras you already have (minimum resolution and backlight features required)

  • Display alerts remotely in Unity’s Event Watch application  

  • Receive instant notifications with pop-up Video windows 

  • Create custom categories and color codes for easy identification 

  • Automatically generate secure E-Mail notifications

  • No slow responsive Web Based Viewers 

Worried about changing systems?


Our software is designed so that you can easily transfer player information from a variety of databases that you may already be familiar with. By choosing Unity Surveillance, you will possess the ability to catalog player profiles, create real-time alerts for key players, and analyze floor trends to maximize profits, increase operator efficiency and improve day-to-day operations as a whole.

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