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Facial Recognition. Fever Detection.  Access Control.

X-Stream Fever Screening Kiosk with Embedded Facial Recognition  and Access Control.

The Unity X-Stream Fever Screening Kiosk Solution offers the latest micro thermal imager in a compact housing that when paired with the Unity Facial Recognition Access Control Kiosk, creates an all-in-one embedded fever detection system.  The solution provides feature rich Ai Technology that allows facilities to create multiple face databases with user access roles that can be managed easily through a simple web (internal or external) network connection.  Unity gives you complete control over network connectivity so that you can apply your standard operating procedures or privacy policies in order to protect your system as required.   

Featured Highlights

  • Efficient Thermal Screening within 0.2 Seconds

  • High Accuracy within 0.5 degrees

  • Effective Results with the ability to scan at up to 6 Feet away

  • 7-inch 2.5D Touch IPS Display

  • 2 (Dual) 2 Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS with True WDR 120dB

  • LED + IR Illuminating Automated Backlighting

  • High-Speed Facial Recognition within 0.5 Seconds

  • Built-in Access Controller

  • Gigabit Ethernet / WiFi Embedded

  • Various unlock modes and status modes to protect user privacy

  • Built-in IC Card Reader

  • Card, Face, PIN or Combination Settings

  • Facial Recognition with up to 100,000 Faces

  • Multiple Databases

  • Supports Duress, Tamper, Fire Alarm, Door Contact Timeouts, Illegal Card Use, and Threshold Alarms.

  • Multiple Mount Styles (Wall mount, Desktop Mount, or Floor Mount)

*Please note that the use of facial recognition technology is restricted or prohibited in some jurisdictions. Users are responsible for ensuring that their usage of the solution complies with applicable law. Unity disclaims all liability with respect to any legally non-compliant use of the solution.


Access Control. Facial Recognition.  


Mobile Security Monitoring Center

Enterprise Thermal Imager

Stereo Lens High Definition Cameras

Embedded IC Card Reader

Aluminium Alloy Construction

7" IPS Touch Screen

Auto-Fill Backlighting

SideView-HR Thermal.png

Automated Turnstile Solutions

      Scanning individuals with handheld temperature scanners such as forehead thermometers are inefficient and require security to be close to individuals.  In large spaces such as arenas or music venues, this operation can be complicated and require a lot of security personnel to scan each individual before allowing each person to enter. This causes long lines, congestion, and can create poor customer satisfaction and overall experience.  Unity’s turnstile solution will enable individuals to enter using Unity’s rapid screening kiosk.  If any person has a temperature, an alert will be sent to the monitoring security personnel and allow for secondary screening. All without slowing down the entry process. Unity’s non-invasive and contactless screening process can scan an individual in less than 0.2 seconds. By utilizing Unity’s turnstile system add on, each person can be processed quickly, and an accurate count of persons entered can be sent automatically to administrators along with statistics and reports that can easily be accessed securely from any turnstile stations.


  • Stadiums

  • Arenas

  • Ballparks

  • Transit Stations

  • Music Venues


No Contact


Scan Quickly

Keep your distance.  Scan human body temperatures without the need to touch or come in contact with each person.

No more false alerts or multiple re-scans.  Measure temperatures automatically within less than 1 second with high-accuracy.

Scan quickly and keep lines moving to prevent long waits for entry.  Automatic scanning and notifications allow more throughput even with less staff.

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