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Keeping the Odds in Your Favor.

Protect the House. Improve Player Experiences

The Last Surveillance Upgrade You’ll Ever Need

Let’s be real. When it comes to defending your priceless enterprise against fraud and theft, we consider it a gamble to depend on outdated surveillance systems (such as primitive IP cameras or old-school CCTV networks). That’s why we’ve developed a complete end-to-end solution for your casino’s surveillance and security needs. Our innovative technology is top of its class, incorporating high-definition, low-light cameras that come equipped with advanced analytics software, so you can automate vital surveillance processes and deter potential criminal activity before it occurs.

Exceeds Regulatory Requirements—Maximum Security Assurance.

While state regulators lay the foundation for minimal surveillance requirements, we build upon that foundation with tried and tested technology for maximum security assurance. With data availability being a key component to universal compliance, we ensure that your surveillance footage is always available when you need it, without paying a premium for storage expansion. Furthermore, by leveraging internal and external failover methods, our robust enterprise-level hardware provides ultimate protection against system outages. If time has taught us anything, it’s that our overall solution is guaranteed to surpass regulatory compliance, no matter where your casino is located across the globe.



Unifying Casino Security and Player Experiences

Control Casino Revenue Loss

Protect your casino revenue from fraud and theft with a security system that does it all and does it better. Trust Unity Surveillance to secure your casino and control revenue loss. Our surveillance technology is top of its class; our high-definition, low-light cameras provide excellent video coverage, capturing crystal-clear images that allow operators to read the fine print and make qualified decisions quickly. Our easy-to-use software platform saves you time and money by allowing operators to access all system functionality from one central location. And our system integrates with other casino systems, which can increase both awareness and response time when incidents occur.

Exceeds Regulatory Requirements

Any good casino security system must comply with regulatory requirements—minimum operating level specifications required by gaming commissions. These specifications can vary between different states and jurisdictions, but certain aspects are common across the board: video data loss is not acceptable at any time, and systems must be fault tolerant, with multiple levels of redundancies to ensure the integrity of the system during an outage. Worried about making sure your system is up to scratch? Stop worrying with Unity Surveillance. Our system continues to come out on top through repeated testing, proving it meets and exceeds regulatory requirements every time. By leveraging internal and external failover methods, our robust enterprise-level hardware allows for the ultimate protection against system outages.

Reduce Fraudulent Activity with Player Roster Integration

Fraud is one of the biggest threats facing casinos. Detecting and preventing it requires that security personnel be able to observe activity in the casino, but more than that, they need to know what they should be looking for—or who they should be looking for.  This is where the Roster function in our Unity Core software comes into play. Easily add people to the Roster, or import existing databases, allowing operators to identify persons of interest and follow suspicious activity. Vehicle and license plate data can be added to the Roster as well, allowing operators to know when known cheaters and thieves are on the property before they even walk in the door. And because all of this information is stored in the software, multiple operators can collaborate by sharing notes as they observe players and betting habits.

Capture and Store Video Incidents

In case an incident should occur at your facility, video evidence is invaluable in reporting that incident. Unity Surveillance has you covered with top-of-the-line cameras that will keep your casino covered.  But cameras alone aren’t enough; you need a way to store recordings safely and use them as evidence when needed. Accurate reports rely on secure, tamper-proof video footage. Turn to Unity Surveillance for your video surveillance needs. Our CORE database platform stores video and plays it back securely, keeping it safe from tampering; when you need to use video as evidence, it takes only a few clicks to attach recordings from our database to a report.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

The best casino security starts before guests even enters the building. Monitor cars at your location using our automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution and know who’s coming to visit before they ever set foot inside. Connect with law enforcement databases to monitor your parking lot for license plates associated with known criminals. Create custom hotlists to notify you when banned players, regulars, or other players of note show up. Be notified the moment a VIP guest sets foot on the property, so your staff can greet them at the door for the best possible customer service experience. And do all of this before anyone’s even gotten out of their car.

Facial Recognition

Keeping track of specific people is easy when you have world-class technology with facial recognition capabilities. Our software makes detecting persons of interest easy with its facial recognition function. Get notified when such a person arrives onsite. Instantly see any associated contacts, then search video footage to determine whether these contacts are currently onsite. When someone has been detected, easily add them to the Roster and mark them for blacklist or whitelist notifications.  You can also create custom color codes and event codes to easily classify events.

Point of Sale/Register Data Integration

Much of the theft faced by casinos happens internally; food and beverage departments and retail departments regularly suffer from internal theft and fraud. Put a stop to it with Unity Surveillance and detect theft as it occurs. Integrate our software with point of sale systems and your operators can receive alerts in real time, letting them quickly identify fraud or theft incidents. Unity integrates easily with most point of sale manufacturers; in those rare cases where integration has not been completed, we can usually complete the task within a matter of weeks.

Business Intelligence

Intelligence has never been so helpful! Our surveillance can do more than simply keep your casino secure; it can also provide valuable intelligence that will help you run your business.  Our system can provide useful insights through features like people counting, crowd detection, queue counting, and heat mapping analytics. Use these important insights to plan floor layouts based on hot spots, keep track of crowd size, cut down on wait times using queue counting, and more. Rely on our business intelligence features to streamline your operations and increase guest satisfaction.

Conditional Searching Capabilities

Need to locate surveillance data in a hurry? Don’t waste time poring over playback from all your cameras. Take advantage of our powerful conditional searching capabilities instead.  Our AI-enabled cameras can search for video using different useful search parameters: human, vehicle, color, clothing and type. For instance, you could search for “Man – White shirt – Black hat” or “Vehicle such as red-SUV.”  The camera will search video playback and instantly pull in all pertinent results from the specified time period. This means your operators can significantly cut down on search time, and easily locate people and vehicles of interest.

Software Features
  • Event Logging

  • Smart Notifications 

  • Customized My Views Workspace

  • Centralized Management over all devices

  • Centralized User Management

  • Centralized Configurations

  • Synchronous Playback

  • De-Warping Modes for Fisheye Cameras

  • People Counting

  • Heat Mapping 

  • Queue Counting / In Area Counting

  • Automated Statistic Report Generation (Email)

  • Internal Surveillance / Security E-Mail System

  • Daily Activity Logging

  • Incident / Observation Reporting with Evidence

  • Video Door Bell and Call Box Integration

  • Camera Shortcuts (Pins)

  • Camera Tagging

  • Interactive E-Map

  • Access Control Integration

  • Point of Sale Integration

  • Timeline Verification

  • Portable Media Player Built-in

  • Built-in Burn to Disk

  • Virtual Matrix Integration

  • Built-in Evidence Vault

  • Instantly Share Bookmarks

  • Jog Shuttle Integration

  • Single Sign-On

  • Department Calendar

  • Event Watch for Remote Notifications

  • Shared Bookmarks

  • Ai Event Viewer

  • Ai Alerts Panel

  • Auto Play Ai or Motion Alert Panel

  • Instant Chat (Bulletins)

  • System Health Panel

  • Sensor Integration (Temperature, Flood, Fire, Etc)

  • Customizable Camera Cycles

  • Multi-Window Panel Control

  • Easy Camera Stream Configuration

  • Multiple on-screen PTZ Controls

  • 3D PTZ Control

  • Analog Video Matrix Integrations

  • Auto Hide Control Options

  • Timeline Verification Tools

and wait, there's so  much more...



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