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Introducing X-Stream Camera Line by Unity Surveillance, Inc.

Unity X-Stream Cameras: Security for Mission-Critical Applications

Your business depends on certain processes to run, and when those systems fail or are interrupted, business operations are significantly impacted. Unity’s X-Stream Cameras are designed explicitly for mission-critical applications, in industries where ensured availability is imperative for organizational success.

Elegantly crafted with the power to address a wide variety of security challenges, the X-Stream Camera comes with a range of secure mounting solutions, making it an excellent choice for Casino Gaming, Medical, and Federal institutions.

Installation is easy with a motorized varifocal lens available in 2.7-13.5mm or 7-35mm. Simply install and focus in just a few clicks to secure your business. While SK lightning protection, +25% input voltage tolerance, and suite applications give your systems the protection they need against lightning and other unstable outdoor conditions.

Unity X-Stream Cameras comply with ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum). This ensures smooth interactions between diverse video network products regardless of the manufacturer.

Embedded Analytics: Delivering Insights that Matter

Manual surveillance systems have to be monitored by personal, making them expensive and inconvenient. And if you don’t have eyes on your video stream or what they sense is unclear, how effective are they? What should the response be?

With Unity Embedded Analytics Software, once a motion is detected, forms and shapes are recognized. Potential threats can be identified and distinguished from a false alarm, offering solutions for critical business and applications.

Unity Tripwire

Unity Tripwire Analytics protect your high-security and restricted areas with a virtual fence. You can even specify the direction of passing (i.e. A to B/B to A). When someone goes somewhere they are not supposed to, your security team is notified of suspicious activity with customized alerts, alarm, spotlight, or even speakers warning the person to leave the area.

Unity Intrusion Detection

Unity Intrusion Detection doesn’t confine you to the limitations of a straight line. Use our intelligence analytics to draw any shape and signal out unique perimeters with ease. This is especially beneficial for warehouses, secured parking lots, construction areas, federal institutions, or even jewelry stores with high-risk limited access areas.

Unity Abandoned Object

Taking proper security measures in public places is important. To mitigate the concern of highly-populated areas undergoing a threat or attack, Unity offers intelligent video analytic functions like Abandoned Object Detection. Simply single out the area you want to be monitored and receive an alert when objects are left unattended for a specified amount of time.

Unity Missing Object

If you have an object you don’t want to go missing, it’s time to incorporate the Unity Missing Object analytic into your surveillance system. This feature is perfect for stores, museums, and warehouses that hold valuable items. To use this feature, draw shapes around important objects and receive instant alerts if it moves.

Unity Scene Change Detection

Detecting changes in your organization or business is an important feature of automated video surveillance systems. Unity Scene Change Detection will alert you if the scene in the camera view changes. For example, if an intruder moves towards or covers up your security camera, the system will snapshot, push notification, and/or sound an alarm.

Unity Face Detection

Unity Face Detection is an important feature for industries that would like to be alerted when humans enter a certain region. This is helpful when various subjects are present, like animals or machinery, and you don’t want notifications based on those criteria. Set filters or targets to detect and alert you if any faces enter a specified area.

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