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Supporting you during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To keep our families and staff safe, we recently requested that anyone who can work from home do so in all of our offices across the United States (Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas).. We are also continuing to take the necessary steps to keep our customers safe by limited exposure directly onsite and providing remote support 24/7 as needed or required during this time. We understand the seriousness of this virus and how it can affect the elderly and immunocompromised.

Unity is always pushing forward with new ideas, solutions, and ways to support our customers above and beyond any call of duty. As technology advances, Unity adopts best of breed technology that is tested, proven, and efficient. The result is a solution that you can count on. In today's crisis, Unity along side its manufacturing partners have developed a highly accurate, multi-functional, thermal imaging solution for human body temperature management. Unity's Thermal Imaging solution provides a way to quickly and accurately measure human body temperatures in less than one second per individual with no physical contact required. This ensures staff safety and the safety of others.

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