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Unity Introduces AFR Rapid Fever Screening Terminal

Unity has just released our AFR Rapid Fever Screening terminal. With the AFR terminal you can scan faces in under 0.2 seconds, highest accuracy rating within 0.5 degrees, store 100,000 faces in our facial recognition database, integrate access controlled doors, turn stiles or gates. This unit can be wall mounted, desktop mounted or floor standing using our galvanized steel floor stand for stability. Two network ports allow you to create internal and external connections as well as Built in WIFI. This unit is equipped with an independent access controller that allows Weigand inputs and outputs for complete flexibility.

Let us know how we can help! Unity Surveillance has been developing Enterprise Surveillance and Security products for over a decade! With a lot of popup vendors offering similar products, read the fine print and consult with us to help you navigate to find the right products and services. Even if you don’t purchase them from us. We are here to serve you.

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