Banknotes, Chips, Dice, and Cards are all subject to contamination by COVID-19 (and other harmful viruses)

Sterile-X Solutions for Enterprise

Casinos are at high risk for obtaining and distributing COVID-19 to its customers by the handling of Dice, Cards, chips, and especially money.  The journal of Hospital Infection states that the COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces such as metal, plastic, paper, or glass for up to nine days.  A more recent study found over 100 different strains of bacteria on dollar bills circulating around New York City.

Purpose Built Applications





Sterilize with Confidence

Utilizing a combination of Ultra Violet Lighting with Ozone Generation, Unity’s Sterilization Cabinets are over 99.999% effective.  Unity’s Sterilization Cabinets have been specifically designed to target the COVID-19 Corona Virus but will also destroy Fungi, Candida Albicans, P. Aeruginosa Parasites, Hepatitis, Ecoli and Staphylococcus Aureus.  The Sterilization Cabinet provides 360 degree sterilization without any dead angles.  The cabinets have been designed with multiple shelving options and can effectively sterilize Bank Notes, Casino Chips, Casino Cards and Dice.  An optional Heat Disinfection layer can be added upon request.



Best for Countertop Applications 

Inside: 15” H x 12” W x 11” D


X2-Mid Size

3 Tier Shelving Enterprise Applications 

Inside: 48” H x 24” W x 18” D


X3-Double Bay

3 Tier Shelving Enterprise Applications 

Inside: 60” H x 37” W x 28”