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Security for Mission-Critical Applications 

Your business depends on certain processes to run, and when those systems fail or are interrupted, business operations are significantly impacted. Unity’s X-Stream Cameras are designed explicitly for mission-critical applications, in industries where ensured availability is imperative for organizational success.


Elegantly crafted with the power to address a wide variety of security challenges, the X-Stream Camera comes with a range of secure mounting solutions, making it an excellent choice for Casino Gaming, Medical, and Federal institutions. 


Installation is easy with a motorized varifocal lens available in 2.7-13.5mm or 7-35mm. Simply install and focus in just a few clicks to secure your business. While SK lightning protection, +25% input voltage tolerance, and suite applications give your systems the protection they need against lightning and other unstable outdoor conditions.

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Conventional Sensor

Car Lot

X-Stream Sensor

STARVIS Technology

X-Stream Starlight Cameras capture color images in low-lit conditions such as night clubs or bars where conventional sensors would have already switched to black-and-white images.  X-Stream Starlight Sensors when used with Unity's Smart 3D Digital Noise Reduction technology, provides smooth, high-resolution, real-time color images in low-lit areas.

Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range

Using industry leading UWDR (Ultra Wide Dynamic Range) technology, Unity X-Stream Series is the right choice for scenes where intense contrast lighting conditions exist.  True WDR technology (120-140dB) optimizes both the bright and dark areas of a scene and at the same time is able to provide crystal clear images.


Conventional Sensor


X-Stream Sensor

Aerial View of Containers
Aerial View of Containers

Auto-Tracking with Powerful Zoom

Unity's X-Stream Series Pan-Tilt-Zoom (*PTZ) cameras feature Auto-Tracking which can track an object in motion to keep the object within the scene.  The X-Stream PTZ can be configured to track within a defined rule, zoom ration, and much more.  Unity's X-Stream PTZ feature powerful optical zoom technology that allows up to 48x optical zoom.


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