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Superior, Purpose-Built Gaming Cameras

X-Stream Luminite™ Series Network Cameras
X-posing Threats. X-panding Capabilities.

From the vault door to the casino floor, we provide complete visibility like no other. Unity’s Luminite™ Series Network Cameras are capable of overcoming a multitude of environmental factors (including lighting conditions, high-contrast flooring, and even playing card/table felt finishes) that typically influence the ability to capture high-quality, crisp video images. By taking advantage of specialized STARVIS™ Sensors, Luminite™ Cameras effortlessly capture the highest quality video images in real-time, every time. 


Dedicated processors allow Unity’s X-Stream™ Analytics to run onboard each camera, giving you the flexibility to add intelligent detection where you need it, without adding additional hardware. Easily toggle Advanced AI Analytics with automatic scheduling or manual activation. Unity’s surveillance solution utilizes state-of-the-art technology in order to enhance operator performance, increase awareness, and protect your bottom line.

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Delivering Insights that Matter. Embedded Intelligence.

As of 2022, all X3 Luminite™ Cameras come equipped with Embedded Analytics Software. What does this mean? Our software doesn’t just offer motion detection, but motion analysis. Go beyond simple motion detection with software that analyzes the source and determines whether the movement warrants a red flag. This reduces false alarms and allows operators to focus on player activity, while knowing that restricted, high-value areas are secure.

Don’t just rely on the cutting-edge technologies of today. Secure your Gaming Enterprise with the future developments of tomorrow.

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Tripline Detection

Protect your limited-access locations with a virtual fence using the Tripwire analytic. Detect suspicious behavior with customized alerts, and deter potential criminal activity with advanced features including location-specific: alarm signaling, spotlight triggering, and audio warning capabilities. You can even specify and monitor an object’s direction of passing for additional security effectiveness (i.e. A-B/B-A).

Intrusion Detection

Unity Intrusion Detection doesn’t confine you to the limitations of a straight line. Use our intelligent analytic to draw any shape and construct unique perimeters with ease. This allows you to functionally safeguard any given area(s) within your casino property, regardless of how big or small. 

Abandoned Object Detection

Having a properly-distributed, physical security presence at all times is vital. To mitigate the concern of highly-populated areas undergoing a threat or attack, Abandoned Object Detection allows you to single out any area you want to be monitored and receive an alert when “objects” are left unattended for a specified amount of time. 

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Missing Object Detection

If you have a specific object you don’t want to go missing, it’s time to incorporate the Unity Missing Object analytic into your surveillance system. This feature is perfect for protecting valuable art pieces, precious memorabilia, as well as any other assets that may be susceptible to theft. To use this feature, simply draw shapes around important objects and receive instant alerts if any of them move. 

PTZ Auto Tracking

When an object (Human or Vehicle) is detected based on any Tripwire, Intrusion Detection, or Motion Detection; the Unity X-Stream PTZ is capable of automatically tracking it for a pre-configured duration of time. This ensures that all suspicious behavior is recognized and recorded for further review, regardless of whether or not an operator is present. (*Please check PTZ model for compatibility)


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