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Intelligent Facial Recognition

Using AI to Improve Casino Security and Player Experiences

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Explore Face-X for Casino Gaming

Go Beyond Facial Recognition Alone.

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing Facial Recognition software or you’re looking to achieve a completely unified security and surveillance solution, Face-X offers the most all-inclusive Security and Player Experience Management platform designed exclusively for the Gaming Industry.  


Comprehensive search and filtering tools allow operators to conduct in-depth searches, even when limited information is available, while color-coded surveillance alerts maximize threat awareness, at a glance.  Effortlessly monitor for both known / unknown vehicles of interest, streamline time-sensitive investigations and improve player experiences with Face-X by Unity Surveillance, Inc.


Face-X for SPEM

Complete Security and Player Experience Management (SPEM)

Protect your Gaming Enterprise more efficiently with an intelligent facial recognition solution that puts real-time notifications and advanced search capabilities at your fingertips.  More importantly, centralize 100% of your security and surveillance operations — without paying annual licensing fees or industry-standard markups. 

Automatically notify select personnel as soon as High Rollers and other high-profile players enter the Casino Lobby.

Quickly deploy security before banned, self-excluded or other high-risk players get a chance to enter the Casino Floor.

Gain complimentary access to our full range of proprietary software applications, including the CORE™ Software Suite, the StreamView™ VMS, and more.


Accelerate Investigations.
Maximize Situational Awareness.
Optimize Staff Deployment. 


Optimize Time Spent on Investigative Activities

Import 2D images from law enforcement or other sources (e.g. workstation screenshots) directly into the StreamView™ VMS to quickly determine if (and when) a player of interest previously visited the property.  This allows casino surveillance operators to perform facial recognition searches regardless of whether or not the person of interest is registered within any Players Club, Banned Watchlist or related database(s).


Within seconds, our advanced artificial intelligence algorithm (1) extracts biometric data from the 2D image; (2) applies any user-defined search and filtering parameters (i.e. specific date ranges, time ranges, camera locations, etc.); and (3) displays potential matches along with the date, time and location of each “hit.”  Searches may be filtered to include real-time data and/or previously recorded surveillance footage.  Accepts PNG or JPEG images.

Human Trait Recognition Included

As a server-based solution, Face-X provides advanced search capabilities that go beyond facial recognition alone.  Quickly search and identify persons of interest by defining human traits such as hair color, clothing classification, accessories-based search, and more.  With our dedicated Ai-enabled server, operators can extract critical evidence in seconds, without manually filtering through hours of video.  Available at no additional cost.

Screenshot from StreamView VMS depicting search results for humans

Get Instant Notifications

Enhance situational awareness across your Gaming Enterprise with real-time notifications, based on visitor activity.  Keep managerial and executive-level decision makers in the loop — when it matters — with automated email alerts through the Actionable Intel application.  Send instant notifications directly to one or more security podiums through the Windows-based Eventwatch application.  Both available at no additional cost.

Seamless Compatibility

Quickly turn any of your existing IP Network Cameras into advanced facial recognition devices with Face-X.  By operating at the server level, our solution is guaranteed to work with any and all ONVIF / RTSP / CGI-compatible IP Network devices.  For optimal performance, combine with our X-Stream Luminite™ IP Network Cameras which are built to overcome a multitude of environmental factors, such as blinding sunlight, bright headlights, and even complete darkness.¹


A Unified Solution
Unlike Any Other in the
Gaming Industry

Unlike other stand-alone solutions, Face-X is part of a larger centralized security and surveillance solution developed by Unity Surveillance.  By integrating natively with our entire suite of complimentary software applications, LPR-X makes it easier to manage employees, players and vendors; monitor/search for both known and unknown persons of interest; establish relationships between players and vehicles, and more. 


  • Maximize operator performance via the StreamView VMS, built by the creators of Face-X.

  • Centralize all of your casino’s security and surveillance processes with the complimentary CORE Software Suite, which includes the CORE Profile Management Roster, CORE Incident Log portal and more.

  • Distribute real-time alerts across your Gaming Enterprise, from security podiums to email inboxes, through Eventwatch and Actionable Intel, both designed to streamline Security and Player Experience Management. 

A Complimentary VMS Upgrade

Maximize situational awareness — at a glance — with color-coded surveillance alerts via the StreamView™ VMS.  StreamView™ is an innovative Video Management Software designed exclusively for the Gaming Industry that’s available to all new clients seeking advanced ALPR functionality within their casino.  Available at no additional cost. 


Operator-centric tools make it easy to export video surveillance footage and establish relationships between any combination of players / vehicles for enhanced Security and Player Experience Management.  


Want to learn more about Face-X? 

Each client receives exclusive direct-to-manufacturer (D2M) pricing on all other security and surveillance technologies developed by Unity Surveillance, as well as membership within the CORE Foundation Software Assurance and Maintenance Program—including 24/7 support from the same technicians who built your system.²

1  Face-X compatibility may be limited based on the type of existing IP Network Camera installed.  Guaranteed compatibility with any ONVIF / RTPS / CGI-compatible devices.

2  All “Gaming Enterprises” (i.e. Casino Resorts, Native/North American Casinos, and Sportsbooks) are eligible for exclusive direct-to-manufacturer (D2M) pricing, as well as membership within the CORE Foundation Software Assurance and Maintenance Program (“CORE Foundation Program”).

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