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X-posing Threats. X-panding Capabilities.

front view of X3 Luminite IP Network Camera
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Designed exclusively for Gaming Enterprises, the X-Stream Luminite™ IP Network Camera Series empowers operators with the latest surveillance capabilities of 2023, while making it easier to adopt the future tools of tomorrow.  This innovative line of products was developed after interacting with clients (and their surveillance cameras) across the Gaming Industry for over a decade.  


Building upon the legacy design of the first-generation X-Stream Series, it now includes more than 20+ different models which make up seven distinct subseries - each designed to optimize the ROI per unit, while exceeding the functional and regulatory requirements presented by different Gaming Enterprises across all North American jurisdictions. 


The X-Stream Luminite™ collection features advanced STARVIS™ image enhancing technology 1, complimentary X-Stream Ai Video Analytics 2 + more — all backed by the industry’s #1 advanced warranty replacement guarantee 3.



Milky Way and pink light at mountains. Night colorful landscape. Starry sky with hills at
High Performance STARVIS Sensors

One of the most important design features of any modern surveillance camera is the image sensor.  After rigorous testing within the Gaming Industry, we found that Sony’s STARVIS™ technology delivers all of the advanced image enhancement capabilities necessary to support traditional surveillance activities across the Gaming Enterprise, while maximizing the impact of video analytics investments, regardless of environmental conditions.  By taking advantage of Sony’s high-quality CMOS image sensors, X-Stream Luminite™ Cameras capture the highest quality video images in real-time, every time. 


Protect your surveillance investments from vandalism and damage with IK10 and IP67 Assurance. 4

Vandal-Weather Proof Housing

All X-Stream Luminite™ devices have been independently tested to meet the highest protection standards reasonably required for the Gaming Environment.  With maximum impact protection, 100% protection against fine particulate matter, and the ability to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, the X-Stream Luminite™ collection features a refined camera construction designed to achieve long-lasting performance, from the inside out, regardless of where your Gaming Enterprise is located in North America. 5

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side view of X3 Luminite IP Network Camera

Extract more from your video surveillance network with embedded tools for complete Security and Player Experience Management. 

shanghai bund skyline at lujiazui modern city landmark buildings backgrounds of 180 degree
180° Panoramic Coverage Reduces Blind Spots

By taking advantage of numerous CMOS image sensors, Luminite™ Panoramic technology is capable of synthesizing various images in real-time to create an enhanced field of view for surveillance operators within one single video feed.  Monitor high-traffic areas more efficiently with comprehensive 180° coverage paired with complimentary X-Stream Ai Analytics for complete Security and Player Experience Management.




Smart Ai Embedded

Maximize the ROI of your surveillance investments with select X-Stream Ai Video Analytics embedded within each model, at no additional cost — license-free, activation-ready and 100% yours.  Embedded X-Stream Ai Analytics deliver a full range of Security and Player Experience Management capabilities designed to streamline investigative activities, deter potential criminal misconduct, and improve casino operations through real-time data and in-depth reporting.  For example, Facial Recognition and Meta Data Capture analytics enable real-time player searches, while People Counting, Heat Mapping, and Queue Counting analytics allow operators to analyze foot traffic, optimize staff deployment, and view trends over time for enhanced decision making. 6

CCTV AI Facial Recognition Camera Zoom in Recognizes Person. Elevated Security Camera Surv

1  Excluding the X2 Value Series + other select models.

2  Excluding the X2 Value Series + other select models.

3  All “Gaming Enterprises” (i.e. Casino Resorts, Native/North American Casinos, and Sportsbooks) are eligible for exclusive direct-to-manufacturer (D2M) pricing, as well as membership within the CORE Foundation Software Assurance and Maintenance Program (“CORE Foundation Program”).  First-time clients can receive one (1) complimentary year of membership within the CORE Foundation, as well as up to five (5) years of advanced hardware replacement warranty coverage for all “Unity-branded” hardware, such as X-Stream Luminite™ Products.

4  Excluding Ceiling-Mounted devices + other select accessories. 

5  Unity Surveillance, Inc. is not responsible for any personal or property damage(s) resulting from unauthorized ingress protection tests conducted by any individual(s) or organization.  Unauthorized testing of “Unity-branded” products can result in severe injury and may void any hardware warranties for products damaged in the process. 

6  Available on X3 Gaming Series models and higher, the number and type of analytics included varies based on the product subseries.  Each device is capable of performing one advanced analytic function at a time, which may be activated, changed or turned off, at no additional cost.  Excluding the X2 Value Series + other select models. 

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