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Latest Generation of Storage Server Technology
Purpose Built with
REAL Redundancies

Resilient.  Reliable.  Real Redundancies.

back of StreamStor™ VSS

The next generation of purpose built Video Stream Storage

Faster Processing

Faster GPU Performance

Upgraded capacity supporting up to 128 HD Streams 

Expansion and Capabilties

SAS disk

Hot-Swappable Dual Port SAS Disks

Utilizing only Enterprise Grade SAS Disks give the VSS increased read / write speed and offers the highest MTBF (Meantime Between Failure) Rates in the industry.  Dual ported SAS interfaces offer two paths so that both VSS Controllers can control read/write processes at all times.

Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

Redundancy starts here.  Each StreamStor VSS Server is configured with dual redundant gold series power supplies that offer 750W of power, more than enough to power 24 x SAS disks operating at full spin cycle. 

VSS power supply
dual port fiber

High Speed Dual Port Fiber

Each StreamStor VSS controller is equipped with a high-speed dual port fiber card that offers flexible configurations with up to 20Gbps aggregated links for redundant connections to the network


Purpose Built for Performance

Direct Storage

Reduce required infrastructure by reducing the need for streaming servers or individual management servers to forward video streams to storage devices. Unity's Embedded StreamStor Linux OS supports direct attached devices.

Modular Tool-Less Design

Enterprise Tool-Less Chassis design supports Hot-Swappable components and a highly-available mid-plane design to eliminate internal component failures.

Ai Meta Data Storage

StreamStor (VSS) works with Unity's X-Stream supported cameras to capture and store Ai Data such as human trait meta data, vehicle meta data, license plate recognition data, facial recognition data, and other Ai enabled analytics to centralize database storage and enable fast accurate search capabilities.

Fault Tolerance

StreamStor (VSS) Servers employ dual active-active controller technology that actively syncs all configurations and database information between controllers in real time.  This ensures that if any one controller were to fail, the secondary controller would then take over the master role immediately without rebooting.

Online Storage Expansion

Easily expand storage capacity by adding up to four VSS Storage Exapansion Bays that redundantly connect by using 12Gbps SAS Expansion Ports.  Each VSS Storage Expansion Bay supports up to 48 x SAS 3.5" Enterprise Disks. Expand your retention without the need to turn off or reboot the VSS.  Never miss a beat!

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