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Intelligent Vehicle and

License Plate Recognition

Using AI to Improve Casino Security and Player Experiences

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Explore LPR-X for Casino Gaming

Go Beyond License Plate Recognition Alone.

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software or you’re looking to achieve a completely unified security and surveillance solution, LPR-X offers the most all-inclusive Security and Player Experience Management platform designed exclusively for the Gaming Industry.  


Comprehensive search and filtering tools allow operators to conduct in-depth searches, even when limited information is available, while color-coded surveillance alerts maximize threat awareness, at a glance.  Effortlessly monitor for both known / unknown vehicles of interest, streamline time-sensitive investigations and improve player experiences with LPR-X by Unity Surveillance, Inc.



Complete Security and Player Experience Management (SPEM)

Protect your Gaming Enterprise more efficiently with an intelligent vehicle recognition solution that puts real-time notifications and advanced search capabilities at your fingertips.  More importantly, centralize 100% of your security and surveillance operations — without paying annual licensing fees or industry-standard markups. 

Automatically notify select personnel as soon as High Rollers and other high-profile players enter the Parking Lot.

Quickly deploy security before banned, self-excluded or other high-risk players get a chance to enter the Casino Floor.

Gain complimentary access to our full range of proprietary software applications, including the CORE™ Software Suite, the StreamView™ VMS, and more.

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Accelerate Investigations.
Maximize Situational Awareness.
Optimize Staff Deployment. 


Comprehensive Vehicle Search & Filtering

Conduct unlimited rapid searches with comprehensive vehicle search and filtering tools.  Simply select any combination of date / time parameters, camera-specific feeds and/or vehicle attributes — including (full or partial) license plate character sequences; vehicle class, make, model, and/or color filters.  Once activated, LPR-X quickly turns any of your new or existing IP Network Cameras into advanced vehicle recognition devices through cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning processes.  The higher the camera quality, the better the performance.¹

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Get Instant Notifications

Keep managerial and executive-level decision makers in the loop — when it matters — with automated email alerts through the Actionable Intel application or optimize staff deployment with real-time notifications through the Eventwatch application.  Both available at no additional cost. 

Seamless Compatibility

Along with syncing to any current database you may have, LPR-X is designed to integrate with any of your existing ONVIF / RTPS / CGI-compatible IP Network Cameras.  For optimal performance, combine with our X-Stream Luminite™ IP Network Cameras which can overcome a multitude of environmental factors, such as blinding sunlight, bright headlights, and even complete darkness. 


A Unified Solution
Unlike Any Other in the
Gaming Industry

Unlike other stand-alone solutions, LPR-X is part of a larger centralized security and surveillance solution developed by Unity Surveillance.  By integrating natively with our entire suite of complimentary software applications, LPR-X makes it easier to manage employees, players and vendors; monitor/search for both known and unknown persons of interest; establish relationships between players and vehicles, and more. 


  • Maximize operator performance via the StreamView VMS, built by the creators of LPR-X.

  • Centralize all of your casino’s security and surveillance processes with the complimentary CORE Software Suite, which includes the CORE Profile Management Roster, CORE Incident Log portal and more.

  • Distribute real-time alerts across your Gaming Enterprise, from security podiums to email inboxes, through Eventwatch and Actionable Intel, both designed to streamline Security and Player Experience Management. 

A Complimentary VMS Upgrade

Maximize situational awareness — at a glance — with color-coded surveillance alerts via the StreamView™ VMS.  StreamView™ is an innovative Video Management Software designed exclusively for the Gaming Industry that’s available to all new clients seeking advanced ALPR functionality.  Available at no additional cost. 


Operator-centric tools make it easy to export video surveillance footage and establish relationships between any combination of players / vehicles for enhanced Security and Player Experience Management.  


Want to learn more about LPR-X? 

Each client receives exclusive direct-to-manufacturer (D2M) pricing on all other security and surveillance technologies developed by Unity Surveillance, as well as membership within the CORE Foundation Software Assurance and Maintenance Program—including 24/7 support from the same technicians who built your system.²

1  LPR-X compatibility may be limited based on the type of existing IP Network Camera installed.  Guaranteed compatibility with any ONVIF / RTPS / CGI-compatible devices.
2  All “Gaming Enterprises” (i.e. Casino Resorts, Native/North American Casinos, and Sportsbooks) are eligible for exclusive direct-to-manufacturer (D2M) pricing, as well as membership within the CORE Foundation Software Assurance and Maintenance Program (“CORE Foundation Program”).

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