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Welcome to the NET-XTREME™ Product Series 

Unity’s Net-Xtreme™ POE+ Switches give you ultimate flexibility with installations that require connectivity that exceeds the traditional 100m (300ft) supported by traditional network switches and cabling.  IP CCTV networks are different from traditional data communication networks requiring high performance in terms of “delay”, “packet loss”, and other factors.  Unity’s Net-Xtreme™ products are specially designed for video streaming.   “Video Streaming Oriented” products are Unity’s key differentiator between other manufactures that use products designed for traditional network applications.   For example, Unity’s Net-Xtreme™ POE+ industrial network switches are designed with dual power inputs, hardened industrial fan-less design, and can power and transmit video in real time at up to 250 Meters (820ft). 

More Power.  Longer Transmission. Higher Reliability.

enterprise-grade 16Gb network switch
enterprise-grade 8Gb network switch
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Long Range PoE+ up to 250m (820ft)

Intelligent + Monitoring

24/7 real-time monitoring PD (powered device) status. If a PD crashes, the switch will automatically detect the failure and restart the device. This feature can save users time and avoid the hassle of manually restarting the IP Camera.

PoE + 90W 802.3bt

Net-Xtreme™ switches are in compliance with the latest international standard IEEE 802.3bt and can provide 90W PoE output. High-power PoE devices are now supported by our red port PoE.

Intelligent PoE

The ports of Unity Net-Xtreme™ PoE switches have different priorities. The smaller port number, the higher priority. This guarantees power supply for higher priority ports (smaller port number) when the total power consumption on all devices exceed the PoE budget of switch. This ensures that the switch stays operational rather than shutting down due to exceeding the power capabilities of the switch. 

Redundant Power Inputs

All Unity Net-Xtreme™ PoE switches come with two power input options that can be used independently or configured in a redundant power setup. 

Long Range PoE

Traditional PoE Network Switches only utilize 4-pin (2 pairs) to send PoE power to devices such as IP Cameras.  This restricts the distance that power and data can be transmitted due to drop in voltage and packet loss to 100m or 328 feet.  Unity’s Net-Xtreme Long Range PoE+ Network Switches utilize 8-pin (4 pairs) to send PoE power and data to devices which allow long range transmission without packet or data loss at up to 250m or 800 feet.  

Go the distance.

Transmission up to 250m (820ft) with no special convertors or devices required.

graphic depiction of maximum distance for traditional network switch
graphic depiction of maximum distance for modern network switch

Speak with a Unity Surveillance Engineer to learn more!

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