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One on One Attention: A Modern Infrastructure Design Process

At Unity Surveillance, the infrastructure design process revolves entirely around the client's functional and budgetary needs.

From the first interaction, clients find that the leadership team at Unity plays an integral role in assessing their existing IT infrastructure and developing a modernized architecture. To initiate the process, Unity’s executive and system engineering team personally visit the Gaming Enterprise to meet with team members, assess the effectiveness of the existing system(s) in place, and understand the needs of each internal stakeholder across the organization.

While working with clients at some of the most renowned casinos in North America, Unity Surveillance consistently encounters hardware-software configurations that fail to integrate enterprise-level video storage techniques—a crucial element of truly resilient or "redundant" systems. Moreover, many systems offer limited functionality with respect to the Gaming Environment.

“Many solutions today simply aren’t engineered to ensure the proper redundancies that meet the stringent requirements of Gaming,” says Jonathan Terauchi, President.

But rather than replacing an inadequate system entirely, Unity approaches the existing hardware-software infrastructure with the goal of refinement rather than replacement, when possible. By specializing in both hardware manufacturing and software development, Unity goes the extra mile to directly offer the necessary hardware-software components, saving clients time and money.

After going beneath the surface to uncover internal vulnerabilities, the leadership team at Unity seeks to understand the administrative and organizational needs at the managerial and executive levels. From there, the client receives personalized recommendations involving advanced analytics features, opportunities for automation, and any additional software solutions deemed appropriate.

Unity Surveillance, Inc.

Established in 2012, Unity Surveillance, Inc. (“Unity”) is the industry leader in end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for land-based casinos located throughout North America. From manufacturing advanced hardware (X-Stream Luminite™ Series IP Cameras, Access Controls, LED Video Walls, etc.) to developing customizable software (CORE™, Streamview™, etc.), Unity offers a wide range of cost-effective enterprise-level security and video surveillance technologies—including comprehensive support services for long-term operational effectiveness. Based out of Arkansas, USA, Unity Surveillance is the end-to-end solutions provider that makes surveillance simple from decision makers to surveillance operators. For more information, visit

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