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Unity Named Among Most Promising Casino Solution Providers of 2021

A game night in a casino generally translates to a flurry of exciting activities; slot machines firing on all cylinders, Blackjack and Roulette tables set for nonstop excitement, and poker rooms filled with long waiting lines of patrons and impatient onlookers. Considering the flow of people and money into casinos, it's safe to say that the threat of criminal activity is as high as the stakes at the card table.

After all, casino operations involve a multitude of monetary transactions, which invariably increases the risks of hacking, theft, fraud, spoofing attacks, and other crimes. The precise depiction of such worse-case scenarios for casino businesses can be found in several contemporary heist movies.

While there's nothing more thrilling or satisfying than watching a crew pulling off an elaborate theft onscreen, real-life heists not only rinse casinos of millions but also take a heavy toll on their reputation. One thing is certain: casinos cannot afford the risk of gambling with their security; they need to have robust security measures with reliable and high-quality surveillance systems to deter crime and resolve gaming disputes efficiently.

This is where Unity Surveillance—a global leader in enterprise video surveillance technology and intelligent video solutions—makes a world of difference.

Unity has established itself as the primary choice of casinos for ensuring robust security measures to safeguard their guests, employees, and critical assets. The company's video management software suite of applications is purpose-built to fit the needs of a casino gaming environment. With over 20-years of combined casino surveillance and security experience, Unity integrates intelligent analytics and offers an AI-backed end-to-end solution (Casino-X) for all casino surveillance, security, and IT needs. Unity's innovative, performance-driven surveillance solutions are custom-tailored to meet the rigorous demands of highly-governed entities and mission-critical applications.

"We're always listening and appreciative of the feedback that we get from our clients and even go out of our way to imbibe their ideas into our software," says Jonathan Terauchi, President.

While it's crucial for casinos and gaming establishments to properly monitor their facility, the available solutions and methods in the market often put them in a tricky spot. More often than not, procuring surveillance equipment itself is a daunting task for casino owners. Many of them rely on integrators who lack the competency to provide and configure systems that best fit the casino environment. Unity wants to change this scenario in favour of casinos and other gaming establishments. The company's solution is developed specifically for casino surveillance - built around the needs of the operators.

As a one-stop provider for surveillance applications & devices, Unity offers a whole package solution by combining modules and platforms it manufactures and directly supports. From procuring the suitable types of switches and servers for client-specific environments to working with the on-site IT departments for utilizing existing infrastructure to lower costs, Unity does it all. Unity's Core Framework that supports the solutions is developed in-house based on Microsoft, Linux, and other top tier frameworks. The company constantly updates it to deliver the best user experience.

“We embrace the latest technology, and we stick to becoming experts in a small set of core technologies that allows us to scale infinitely and write our own destiny…literally!” states Brian Moore, Director of Development at Unity Surveillance.

StreamView—a robust and intuitive VMS (Video Management Software) developed by Unity—is built on the Unity Core Framework to support large-scale and distributed systems. It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of cameras, devices, and access control systems that can function with pre-installed solutions. Moreover, StreamView makes it easier to watch, identify, and export image or video evidence, report an incident, receive real-time alerts, and much more with a few clicks through one intuitive graphical user interface.

"At Unity Surveillance, Inc. we are re-creating the way Surveillance data works for our clients. Traditionally, Surveillance Systems ask you to seek and find potential threats or dig for information. Because of this, Surveillance Systems have always been viewed as “cost centers”. Using Unity’s innovative platforms, we are able to present the users with so much more information and do so intelligently"

Supercharge Your Surveillance Power

Unity utilizes the latest techniques and AI-enabled technology in its Face-X Recognition solution that seamlessly integrates with StreamView and Core applications. Enabling facial recognition on entrance cameras in a casino allows business owners to customize different triggers as per their requirements. One of the major advantages of this solution lies in detecting self-exclusions. For casinos, manually verifying the identity of someone confirmed or suspected as self-exclusion can be a time-consuming, paper-intensive, andinefficient process. Unity's Core software can be synced with the players' club database, which contains the photos of patrons flagged as self-exclusions. If a self-banned individual tries to enter the casino, the software will instantly alert the surveillance/security team. The security can detect them at the entry, check their ID, verify them as a self-excluded player, and ask them to leave the property. "This not only bolsters security but also removes a significant amount of workload on security teams. Recently, intelligentlyfor one client, we were able to decrease the security workload by 60 percent just by adding this feature at one site. “There were 794 face recognition hits in one month with over a 92 percent accuracy rating. Not only does this provide increased awareness and security, but it also can significantly reduce workload. As an example, think about the possible man-hours it takes to track self-exclusion activity on property forall parties involved.”Mentions Jonathan Terauchi, President & Co-Founder, Unity.

Deeply integrated with the Core solution is Unity's Automatic License Plate Recognition Solution (LPR-X) which provides real-time authentication and alerts for all vehicles entering or exiting a property. It enables casino owners to operate with pro-active surveillance and create custom alerts through Unity's StreamView video management platform with complete control and flexibility. Although Unity offers a plethora of such add-ons, the company only enables the features clients specifically use to help them enjoy a smooth performance across the entire platform.

“At Unity Surveillance, Inc. we are re-creating the way surveillance data works for our clients. Traditionally, clients are asked to seek and find potential threats or dig for information. Because of this, surveillance systems have always been viewed as ‘cost centers.’ Using our innovative platform, we are able to present the users with so much more information and do so intelligently,” says Sam Sihan, Founder and CEO of Unity.

Unity’s CORE video management solution encompasses all security and surveillance solution needs within ONE software interface with all software and hardware supported by ONE Manufacture! From simple video management solutions to complex systems with natively integrated door access control, people counting with real-time occupancy reporting, face recognition, license plate recognition, custom valet solutions, incident andactivity log reporting, and so much more wrapped in one software package specifically designed for casino surveillance.

In a nutshell, Unity's Core solution allows clients to manage patrons, employees, and vendors from one roster. Leveraging the solution, users can easily trace any incident report involving employees or players and add video evidence to substantiate them. "All files, incident reports, police reports, video evidence, and more are securely stored in ourcore database and can be submitted to the court, if necessary. The database can be linked to players, their vehicles as well as connections with other players, providing our clients detailed tracking for incident reports, daily logs, equipment logs—the whole nine yards," explains Terauchi.

Bidding Adieu to "Run of the Mill" Support

Unity dives deep into customer concerns and understands their objectives before engaging on a project to devise the best possible solution. The company ensures that each system is personalized to the client's unique environment, handing everything from original RFP procurement and design to implementation and support. This includes going on-site to perform assessments, informing clients about their inefficiencies, scope of improvement, and overseeing the complete project from beginning to end.

Unity includes free of charge education for end-users with every system. "We don't charge subscription fees to use our software or hardware. Once you purchase the system, it is yours. We offer ongoing maintenance and support as a service if you choose to purchase it year to year. We're always listening and appreciative of the feedback that we get from our clients and even go out of our way to imbibe their ideas into the software," says Terauchi.As integrators are often not equipped to support a product end to end, Unity offers users 24/7 guaranteed technical support options, including phone, text, email, remote support, and even on-site emergency support. Being a U.S.-based company, Unity efficiently meets clients' needs for quick support and resolution.

A Strong Appetite for Innovation

Unity embraces a forward-thinking work culture with an inspiring and positive workplace dotted with "always forward" posters, motivating employees to put in their best efforts. The company encourages its employees to step up to the next level, think outside the box, and tackle challenges head-on to develop effective solutions. Not resting on its laurels, Unity is constantly improving its systems by integrating the latest camera chipsets and advanced AI features for better tracking and detection.

"Unlike other players in the market that charge a hefty amount for AI devices, we plan to roll out our latest, upgraded software solution without high subscription costs and improve the overall user experience. We are looking to undertake more projects and continually enhance our solution to serve customers in the best possible way," notes Sihan.

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Unity Surveillance, Inc.

Established in 2012, Unity Surveillance, Inc. (“Unity”) is the industry leader in end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for land-based casinos located throughout North America. From manufacturing advanced hardware (X-Stream Luminite™ Series IP Cameras, Access Controls, LED Video Walls, etc.) to developing customizable software (CORE™, Streamview™, etc.), Unity offers a wide range of cost-effective enterprise-level security and video surveillance technologies—including comprehensive support services for long-term operational effectiveness. Based out of Arkansas, USA, Unity Surveillance is the end-to-end solutions provider that makes surveillance simple from decision makers to surveillance operators. For more information, visit

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