Our Promise

Unity Surveillance was founded on the simple principle that everyone deserves to feel safe and protected. That’s why we deliver innovative, performance-driven surveillance solutions at scale, custom-tailored to meet the rigorous demands of highly-governed entities and mission-critical applications.

Our Vision

We understand the impact of great surveillance for your business. Unity Surveillance gives you peace of mind knowing that your organization is protected and secure, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you - like running your business. 


Manual surveillance systems have to be monitored by personal, making them expensive and inconvenient. With Unity Embedded Analytics Software, potential threats can be identified and distinguished from a false alarm, offering solutions for critical business and applications. 

Solutions for businesses of all sizes

Every organization has a guardian. The one who treats your business more like a personal investment than a job. At Unity Surveillance, that guardian is us. 

People are at the core of what we do. It’s what drives us to create a better working world. So we designed a complete end-to-end security solution backed by AI, allowing operators to view and detect threats before they occur. But we didn’t just stop at visibility, our system is also incorporated with HD video analytics and business analysis tools to maximize your ROI. 

Industry Solutions

We create software that works.  Period.




StreamView is a robust and intuitive VMS (Video Management Software) that is designed to support large scale and distributed systems. By utilizing Unity’s groundbreaking framework, Unity seamlessly integrates with a wide range of cameras, devices, and access control allowing easy integration with pre-installed solutions. 

Whether it’s an enterprise large scale solution or a small office solution, StreamView makes it easier to watch, identify, and export image or video evidence within a few clicks.

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Software Features
  • Realtime HD Multi-Screen Viewing up to 60fps

  • HD Multi-Screen Playback

  • Camera Recall

  • Instant Playback

  • Live and Playback Event Bookmarking

  • Smart Event Searching

  • Appearance Searching

  • Facial Recognition

  • License Plate Recognition 

  • Ai Intelligent Analytics Built in for supported devices

  • Play backwards (rewind)

  • Add on 4D Hardware Joystick for Ultimate Control

  • Camera Shortcuts (Pins)

  • Camera Tagging

  • Interactive E-Map

  • Access Control Integration

  • Point of Sale Integration

  • Timeline Verification

  • Portable Media Player Built-in

  • Built-in Burn to Disk

  • Virtual Matrix Integration

  • Built-in Evidence Vault

  • Instantly Share Bookmarks

  • Event Logging

  • Smart Notifications 

  • Customized My Views Workspace

  • Centralized Management over all devices

  • Centralized User Management

  • Centralized Configurations

  • Synchronous Playback

  • De-Warping Modes for Fisheye or Panoramic Cameras

  • People Counting

  • Heat Mapping 

  • Queue Counting / In Area Counting


Security is more than just surveillance; it’s looking ahead. 

Thermal Human Body Temperature Measurement No Contact | Automated | Accurate 

Thermal Human Body Temperature Measurement No Contact | Automated | Accurate 

Ho Chunk Gaming - Wisconsin

In my opinion, there is never a perfect score. But Unity comes as close as you can in my book. I appreciate the personal and genuine conversation that goes into the aspects of: collecting information on my issue, listening to how it is affecting my operation, and  expeditiously getting connected to get troubleshooting started. I am kept abreast of the situation the entire time, until a solution is reached.  It just feels like I’m the priority, not just your regular, “run of the mill” support call, where you walk through steps 1-22... and then you may be helped, or have to start all over with the next “voice” on the line.

~ Ryan Emery - Ho Chunk Gaming Network Engineer


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