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Secure Your Gaming Enterprise

At a fraction of the traditional cost.

Getting the most out of your casino's 

security and surveillance system, 

starts with paying less.

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Specializing within the North American Gaming Industry, we develop innovative solutions that meet budgetary requirements and exceed client expectations. Maximize the ROI of your entire security and surveillance system, while consolidating your reliance on countless vendors, manufacturers & integrators.

Welcome to a new era of Security and Player Experience Management.

Our Services

CCTV AI Facial Recognition Camera Zoom in Recognizes Person. Elevated Security Camer

Experience AI Like Never Before

Integrated Artificial Intelligence, Designed to Improve KPIs

Whether you're looking to enhance player experiences, optimize staff deployment, or reduce internal theft across POS terminals, our automated features make it easy to distribute real-time alerts across your Gaming Enterprise from the central surveillance room to distributed security podiums, and beyond.

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"I would describe the support as: Professional, courteous, thorough, and there is always great detail in the closeout ticket for any reference or refreshment I may need later. I would recommend the Unity support team and their work ethics to any company looking for a “more than competent” support team. "

Ryan Emery, Surveillance Network Engineer

Ho-Chunk Nation Gaming

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