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OCCC Approves First Facial Recognition Solution in Ohio Gaming Industry

Artificial intelligence applied to human face

Unity Surveillance, Inc. (“Unity”) deploys the first facial recognition solution within the Ohio Gaming Industry, opening the door to widespread adoption across the state.

CINCINNATI, OH — Detecting banned and self-excluded players within one of Cincinnati's largest brick-and-mortar casinos just got easier. After meeting each of the applicable system requirements set forth by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC), Unity Surveillance has successfully deployed its proprietary Face-X™ facial recognition solution within the Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati. 

During a live demonstration in December of 2023, the camera-agnostic solution yielded a 100% “hit” rate, prompting the OCCC to grant swift approval to the Arkansas-based manufacturer and security integrator.  In light of this approval, the company remains well positioned to extend its offerings to other key locations across the state.

“Not only are we the first company to do this here, but interestingly, we are about the same age as the industry itself.  In 2012, the first casino opened its doors in Ohio and in that same year, so did we.  Since then, we’ve always sought to become a leader in innovation, and I believe our recent approval is just another example of that,” says Jonathan Terauchi, President at Unity Surveillance.

Developed in-house by Unity Surveillance, Face-X is an "all-inclusive" facial recognition solution designed exclusively for land-based casinos across North America.  To date, it has been deployed in multiple states across the United States of America, ranging from Florida to Indiana to Virginia.  

While various Ohio-based criminal justice agencies have been utilizing facial recognition technology for over a decade, there has been little, publicly recorded, adoption in the state’s commercial sector.  The recent approval may serve as a sign of hope for other casinos located across the state, as well as a precedent for all other facial recognition solutions providers looking to penetrate the market. 

Unlike traditional stand-alone platforms, Face-X™ is part of a larger centralized security and surveillance solution that includes complimentary access to a full range of proprietary software applications developed by Unity Surveillance, including the CORE™ Software Suite, the StreamView™ VMS and more. 

Each software application is tailored to meet the precise needs of users within the casino gaming industry, and the extent to which clients adopt the Unity Surveillance platform is based solely on client preference.  

Unity Surveillance, Inc.

Established in 2012, Unity Surveillance, Inc. (“Unity”) is the industry leader in end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for land-based casinos located throughout North America. From manufacturing advanced hardware (X-Stream Luminite™ Series IP Cameras, Access Controls, LED Video Walls, etc.) to developing customizable software (CORE™, Streamview™, etc.), Unity offers a wide range of cost-effective enterprise-level security and video surveillance technologies—including comprehensive support services for long-term operational effectiveness. Based out of Arkansas, USA, Unity Surveillance is the end-to-end solutions provider that makes surveillance simple from decision makers to surveillance operators. For more information, visit

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