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Unity Surveillance Named in Top 10 Surveillance Providers of 2020

Based in Arkansas, USA, Unity Surveillance has earned its place amongst big-name security integrators within the North American Gaming Industry.

From sealing the porous borders to safeguarding infrastructure and facilities, federal agencies and government bodies today deploy numerous surveillance tools. Many agencies depend on intelligent video solutions to not only protect assets and people, but also gain real-time information that helps improve decision-making. Solutions that integrate features like video recording, local storage, cloud-based operation, and notifications help government authorities ensure public safety and infrastructure security.

Built with the latest technologies, intelligent video solutions can detect any suspicious move or activity in the area under surveillance and alert the monitoring team. Vendors are also honing their offerings by incorporating trends like machine learning and automation. Besides injecting accuracy into the monitoring process, these solutions reduce the security expenditure for government organizations. Today’s intelligent video solutions market is flooded with vendors that offer powerful solutions for varied business needs. Zeroing in on the right solution often remains an uphill task for a CIO. In this scenario, Gov CIO Outlook has analyzed a host of technology vendors in the intelligent video solutions arena and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of providing value-added solutions. In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill client requirements while providing the right expertise to address the varied and complex needs of federal agencies and various government organizations.We present to you Top 10 Intelligent Video Solution Providers.

Not often does one come across a company’s CEO or president on the field, getting into the act. But the leaders of Unity Surveillance, Inc. ("Unity") are unlike other head honchos; they personally supervise all the activities to ensure client satisfaction. Such is the culture and dedication toward clients in the Unity Surveillance Systems’ “family,” for which several complex problems have proven to be no-brainers. A leading provider of intelligent video solutions, Unity fills the void left by unintelligent video-management systems (VMS) through a complete, easily customizable and user-friendly application that is compatible with open hardware.

“The name ‘Unity’ stands for the gathering of multiple modules into one ‘Core’ component using APIs,” says Sam Sihan, CEO, Unity Surveillance, Inc.

Developed on the Unity Core Framework is the company’s VMS solution for enterprises, StreamView—a powerful video review application built by integrating numerous tools and functions for an enhanced user experience. StreamView provides the ability to view more content and is hardware-agnostic. Unity has also created an operating system, which turns servers into network video recorders (NVR) without affecting their core functionality. Unity works with numerous product integrators and manufacturers to create its own designs of professional grade cameras as well as encoders and decoders for a complete, end-to-end hardware–software system. “We work directly with developers and have written API Frameworks and Drivers for a number of major brands,” mentions Sihan.

Jonathan Terauchi, President, Unity Surveillance Systems, mentions that Unity goes the extra mile to understand a client’s objectives before bidding for a project, to figure out the most appropriate solution. Unity performs all programming in-house led by Director of Development, Brian Moore.

“To make the solution easy to use, we only enable features in the Core application that clients request,” states Terauchi, adding that customer are charged only for enabled features. Post deployment, users enjoy a highly available surveillance system that allows operators to experience a truly cutting-edge technology right at their fingertips. Clients are entitled to a comprehensive warranty package of up to five or seven years depending on the solution, along with round-the-clock technical support where skilled technicians arrive on site within hours of raising a request. Unity also provides an upgrade plan for customers to replace their old and obsolete equipment with new systems.

Unity’s value proposition to clients struck a chord with a famous casino brand that sought to upgrade its analog VMS to an IP-based system with high resolution cameras, but could not afford to unplug the VMS system completely. The proposition required a virtual matrix to be built into the system, but the analog cameras that connected to a hardware matrix through BNC cables offered no scope for doing so. The OEM that had deployed the analog VMS systems for the casino could not be of help due to incompatibility between the analog and digital systems. When brought onboard, Unity created a solution using its management application to take the feeds from the analog matrix to a customized encoder/decoder hardware solution and display all video feeds onto the video wall controlled by Unity’s StreamView application allowing the customer to fully displace all of the OLD VMS workstations. Not only was the transition seamless with no disruption to monitoring, but the client’s uptime crossed 99 percent without replacing old hardware.

“We enabled hybrid migration from analog to IP system without completely abandoning the former,” states Sihan.

With several successful client engagements, Unity is growing exponentially. In future, Sihan mentions that the company intends to “grow smartly” by assisting organizations with limited budgets to improve their VMS infrastructure. With a sound business strategy and value proposition, Unity is bound to take the VMS and surveillance domain by storm.

Unity Surveillance, Inc.

Established in 2012, Unity Surveillance, Inc. (“Unity”) is the industry leader in end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for land-based casinos located throughout North America. From manufacturing advanced hardware (X-Stream Luminite™ Series IP Cameras, Access Controls, LED Video Walls, etc.) to developing customizable software (CORE™, Streamview™, etc.), Unity offers a wide range of cost-effective enterprise-level security and video surveillance technologies—including comprehensive support services for long-term operational effectiveness. Based out of Arkansas, USA, Unity Surveillance is the end-to-end solutions provider that makes surveillance simple from decision makers to surveillance operators. For more information, visit

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